OZ... first arrived with us in June,  a gorgeous 10-mth-old retriever x who had been surrendered to Dundalk Pound.  He was then called Tramp and his story is here.

We rehomed Oz to a fantastic family in Leamington Spa whose circumstances have changed and so we are looking for another home for Oz.

Oz is stunning - now about 15 months old  and a great character - a playful, affectionate boy who loves people, children and other dogs.  He loves to swim, is very cuddly and can be left for up to three hours with no problems.  His downsides are that he will chew if bored and can be quite demanding for attention so for this reason he needs an active, stimulating home that can commit to his further training. Oz has lived on his own but would enjoy the company of another dog - or at least the chance of frequent company with other dogs.

UPDATE 6/12/08

Oz is now in foster in Dorset. He is a big boy (rather overweight at the moment) and at times quite boisterous so will definitely need a home which can set firm boundaries. Lovely boy, though - brilliant with other dogs and very good off-lead.

If you are interested in Oz  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There will be  a minimum adoption fee of £125 for Oz.

(added 29/11/08)

Oz when he first arrived with us in June