RIDLEY... is a lab/pointer x pup, we think - a gorgeous, playful, leggy baby who already shows two great attributes - character and devotion.

He is a little whiskery, so we think the x might be with a wire-haired pointer. Now, we rarely take pups because it can be hard to tell what a pup will ‘make’ when you have no history on them. We don’t know how big Ridley will be; or how he may develop as an adult dog, so you need to think about this before being seduced by his puppy cuteness! But we are pretty sure that Ridley will be super. He loves dogs and people. He is active, but not hyper, and he likes to climb on your knee for a cuddle.  He is clean in his crate at night but will need more house-training for daytime house use.

Ridley is a bright and cheerful boy who we think will learn quickly and who appears none the worse for his sojourn in the pound (see pix below). Goodness knows how he ended up there  (he was picked up as a stray and never reclaimed) for he seems a well-socialised youngster.

We are looking for a home for Ridley where there is another dog that can help school him in the ways of life, ideally a country home with some experience of sporting breeds and which can commit to his training.

UPDATE 10/7/10

Well, what a pup... Ridley arrived with us from Ireland yesterday and he is a remarkably self-possessed youngster wise well beyond his 12-14 weeks - unafraid but not over-bold. He has enormous potential, perhaps even as a working dog as he shines with intelligence and is blessed with the best qualities of both his parent breeds - steady, quick to learn, biddable, athletic  and full of character. He also has a soft mouth and a strong retrieve instinct.  He’s a bit lippy at the moment, but this will be easily channelled - and he soon rolls over and shows his belly if he oversteps the mark with Uncle Jake (who is rather hot on inter-dog manners...). Ridley is the first dog we’ve had that has spotted the opportunity and clambered into the garden by way of the sitting room window and he is totally unfazed by our steep stairs  - down or up.

Ridley is clean in his crate at night and should be housetrained during the day in a few days’ time (fortunately in the meantime preferring to pee on the stone floor than the carpet!).

Ridley has a touch of kennel cough at the moment so we’ll be monitoring him carefully over the next few days but - as you can see - is full of beans.

UPDATE 25/7/10

Well, we couldn’t have asked for a better home for this fabulous, fabulous boy. Ridley - now Hector, which totally suits him! - has gone to live with Julia and family in Norfolk - a family that includes cats, a couple of pygmy goats, a guinea pig, Maggie the golden retriever and four children. Julia is a dog trainer so perfect for super-bright Hector who will need channeling to fulfil his full potential. Here is her first report:

What an amazing boy, he has stayed at my side and been the perfect gentleman, he has met goats and thought it great fun to give chase but as soon as I told him off he was straight back to my side.  

On our morning walk he spent most of the time with his head under the water in the lake!!  Who knew sooo much fun could be had with a frisbee!!

Just consolidating the sit so have started using the clicker which he loves, happily coming to his name and 'trading' his ball for a treat.  He is active but not hyper and is a real character.  He slept through the night in the kitchen (he rather liked the sofa in there.)  He has been so gentle with Rainbow [their 5-mth-old daughter], and has met the neighbours, greeting them with a lovely sit.

He has got his head stuck in a bucket (goat feed), somehow got into the kitchen sink, and decided to play catch with a chicken wing!!

I cannot thank you enough.”

Thank you Julia - we think he’s as lucky to have you as you are to have him!

(added 30/6/10)

Above: in foster at BRX HQ in Wiltshire and, below, in Dundalk pound in early July