SAL... is a retriever/spaniel x girl who landed in Meath pound a couple of weeks ago.   And she’s a cracker - lively, loving, and utterly gorgeous.

She  is a youngster who loves people and gets on great with other dogs, is well-behaved and eager to please. More than that we don’t really know at the moment. She arrives next week, though, so we won’t keep you in suspense for long...

UPDATE 1/8/10

Sal arrived yesterday morning and she’s a real sweetheart - albeit a sweetheart who has had very little induction into the ways of civilised life or much TLC along the way  (her ears sit up at the mo because she has huge matts behind them). 

Sal is a “low-rider” retriever/spaniel x who isn’t housetrained, doesn’t even know “sit” and she doesn’t know that it’s a bad idea to try to take food out of another dog’s bowl (correction, she didn’t know...).  Although confident enough in the house, it’s clear it’s all new to her. But Sal has all the makings of a lovely, adaptable dog. She’s 100 per cent with people (and has a soft mouth); and she’s terrific with other dogs. In fact, mine have all accepted her without a murmur  - even Uncle Jake with whom she has been playing this eve. They are a very good judge of character so this bodes well.

Sal settled well enough to sleep in a crate last night  and is much calmer today.  She comes flying if you call her, and is very kissy and cuddly. She also really does want to please, even if she doesn’t quite know how at the moment.  Let’s see how she comes on in the next few days, but we think that best for Sal will be a reasonably active home with another young dog (she clearly wants to play but am having to restrict it at the moment because she was only spayed five days ago). She’s still rather gorgeously puppyish - about two years old, we would guess. Indeed, we think she may be Jesse’s sister - the two are incredibly similar and are from the same location. As Jesse is living nearby, we might try to arrange a meet!

Sal is spayed, fully-vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated.

UPDATE 29/8/10

Lovely Sal  (now Sasha) has gone to live with Gaye and her gorgeous goldie Mika in Gloucester (see pix below!). It’s a great home and Sal/Sasha is proving a real star (well, except for being a food thief !) Gaye starts agility with Sasha next month and everyone thinks she is going to be a natural.  “She is everything I could have wished for,” says Gaye. “She really does tick every single box.”

Ah and we did get Jesse over to say hello before Sasha left us. They got on fine, but didn’t show any particular recognition of each other. Mind you, much the same can be said for my own siblings..

(added 25/7/10)

Above: Sal at BRX HQ and, below, in her new home in Gloucester with Mika the goldie, where she would appear to be in dog heaven...! Not quite sure what she’s doing on the bed, mind... (Well, apart from clearly loving it!)