WILBUR... well, who could resist that face! Not us, certainly, so when worried Wilbur remained unclaimed after landing in Dunboyne dog pound 10 days ago, we offered to take him.

Don’t be fooled by that smidge of grey on his chin - Wilbur is less than a year old, a big, rather goofy puppy - a black retriever with a broad head (perhas a newfie x?).  He is very sweet, and was very oo-er when a collie growled at him today... a young innocent lad who we reckon has all the makings of a gorgeous family dog.

More info and pix to come!

If you are interested in Wilbur either as a foster or a forever home, please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is a minimum adoption fee of  £150 for Honey, which includes the £65 it costs to transport her from Ireland. 

UPDATE 28/3/10

Well, Wilbur was snapped up pretty quickly! Two years ago, Yvonne and Robert from Edinburgh adopted lovely Bliss from us. They’ve been looking to add another to their gang of three for a while and took a real shine to Wilbur so offered to foster him for us - with a view to keeping him if it worked out.

The lad arrived two days ago (pictures right and below...) and is proving a real star - a totally lovable, cuddly, sweet and playful boy. Yvonne and Robert are smitten and have called him Wilbur Theodore Bear - Teddy for short! The other dogs think he’s cool too - particularly Bliss! Although it has to be said that he was rather more lovely after a bath (Teddy was really smelly when he arrived!).

Sounds like it’s going to be impossible to prise him away, so we think it’s fairly safe to mark the lad as ‘rehomed’...

(added 5/3/10)

Above: Wilbur in Dunboyne dog pound and (below) at his new home in Edinburgh, looking a lot less worried!