WRIGLEY...  is the last of Orla’s pups (known as Bob originally), and he has been with us since last summer - not because he’s difficult to rehome, but because he’s been a pleasure to have around while I’ve been extremely busy with the day job.

Wrigley was born on May 17th last year and his mum is a tiny, tricolour, working-bred English Setter called Orla who arrived with us last spring, heavily pregnant and duly delivered seven beautiful pups.

We’re still struggling to work out who Dad was. Springer or Collie was our first guess, but all the pups are small and lithe and very fast and Wrigley has a rather distinctive rise over his loins that tells me that Dad might just have been a whippet or whippet x.  Although mountain goat is another guess as this boy’s very athletic and loves to jump up on to things - such as the 4ft high yew hedge in the garden that has become a launch-pad for garden games with the other dogs).

Whatever, Wrigley is fabulous.. a very well-socialised youngster with the prettiest  face and his mum’s gorgeous almond eyes. His setter feathering is growing a little now, but he is blessed with a self-cleaning coat (honestly!) which is handy as he is super-affectionate, loving nothing better than to snuggle up warmly with you or another dog at the end of the day.

He’s fab in the house all-round - an easy-peasy boy now he’s past the chewing stage.

Outside, he is an independent spirit and adventurer, particularly if he is with another dog that goes off (as ours do..).  But he doesn’t go too far and he checks in from time to time.  He really, really loves to run, and so we’re looking for a home where he will be able to do this in safety.  He would also do best in a home with another dog or dogs to play with and a garden big enough to stretch his legs. He spends many a happy hour here haring round the garden playing kiss-chase with Feeby and Woody.

Wrigley is sweet with children - and is small enough to not worry even little ones - and he loves cuddles and we think will be trainable re a cat (some of his siblings now live with cats). He can be a little shy of new people/experiences initially, and although he loves to travel in the car, can be a little nervous of getting in it. Patience is the key with this boy as he dissolves if you’re sharp with him. Although we do have a game, played out every day on Salisbury Plain,  as he approaches the car (but is a little nervous of getting into it) when it’s time go home. It involves me mock-admonishing him with a waggly finger, which makes him roll over on his back, wagging his tail furiously, allowing me to clip a lead on him.

He’s known as Pupster around here, but we’ve formally named him Wrigley because he wriggles/wiggles most charmingly when he comes up to greet those he knows.

We would be very interested in hearing from homes that might be looking for a pair as Wrigley and Feeby get on extremely well together.

If you are interested in Wrigley,  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk asap.

There is an adoption fee of £150 + VAT (total £180) for Wrigley, which includes the cost of vaxing, flea-treating and microchipping . He will be neutered if he’s with us past his first birthday (we like to wait until then); otherwise neutering will be a condition of his rehoming.

(added 2/4/12)

With his brother, Den (rehomed) (Den at the back)

Beautiful mum, Orla and, below, Wrigley running his heart out on Salisbury Plain