Jasper is the only dog on the website for whose updates are in reverse order - and that’s because he’s been up for rehoming since last September and we felt it important that potential homes saw the latest on him first, given that he’s come on so much.

We are really delighted to say that Jasper was rehomed last week - to the perfect family in Worcestershire who have had plenty of experience with rescue dogs and are very keen to do agility with him.  Here’s what they say so far:

Just to let you know how we are getting on with Jasper. He is a lovely dog very eager to please and has settled remarkably well - could be a honeymoon period but so far so good. His first walk with me alone yesterday am went well he was a little unsure of his new surroundings at first but his tail was soon up and wanting to play ball. Yesterday afternoon’s walk was cut short by a sudden thunder storm, he was not happy but was still obedient and loved being towelled dry at home! He is fantastic with the girls especially Emma 4, is delighted to throw a ball for ages have Jasper bring it back every time and drop at HER command. I can see a glimmer of a special relationship developing. She has watched and copied my short training sessions -  both youngsters 2 and 4 legged really concentrating. I've been in touch with Claire with a couple of questions , she has been great .

I must tell you about one of my cats it was quite comical. I was keeping them completely seperated, whole family very disciplined about shutting kitchen door behind them, Lemon (cat) quite put out about this treatment shot through my legs marched up to Jasper ,they did nosey-nosey sniff, she rubbed herself up against him, backed off then hissed and then marched off to reclaim her window sill  as if to say if you think I'm going to stay locked up in the utility for the next fews days you can think again, its just a dog what is all the fuss about? Charlie is a little more spooked and we are keeping a nice quiet dog free area for him.

Jasper likes his cuddles in the evening and we are all very happy. He has a forever home and will be a happy dog.

A big thank you to Lorna and family in Evesham for taking Jasper into their hearts... We can’t wait to hear how he gets on!

UPDATE 24/2/10

Jasper isoming on a treat in his foster home - a fun,characterful and very loving young spaniel/collie x boy.

Here’s the latest from brilliant foster mum Claire:

There is never a dull moment with Jasper in the house. He is full of fun and antics and such a sweet character. Jasper is an active boy who needs plenty of exercise and activity. He loves to join you on a jog or bike ride and has no problems galloping along beside you. He has a very active and enquiring mind so loves to do lots of little training sessions to keep him occupied. He also likes to chew, but as long as there is a bone he is not destructive and he will quite happily lie down and chew on a bone or chill out in the evenings.

He tries to mind his manners as you can visibly see him checking himself so as not to get over excited and so he learns the rules of the household very quickly, although he does need reminding....

“He is very respectful of our older dog, and will quite happily let him through doors first and eat first without bothering him at all. I think he likes the company of another dog in the house.

“He is learning to become less bouncy around the cat. He loves her to bits, but the feeling is not mutual! He would not hurt a cat but doesn't seem to understand that they don't appreciate a bouncy boy quite so much as he would like.

He is also very friendly with children and other people, although the temptation to say hello does override his ability to stay calm. I have found the best solution to this is to explain to children and others to completely ignore him until he calms down and then he realises that his excited behaviour is not required and will just lie down or sit.

“We are working on his recall and his car issues. These will take time and patience to completely resolve, but his recall is now very good if there are no distractions. He loves to retrieve, so a ball with a throw-arm is a very useful way of keeping him focused!

“Jasper has now been neutered, so should calm down more over the next few weeks.

He does need some more socialisation with other dogs. As is the case with cats, he cannot contain himself when other dogs are around or coming up, so will bounce around. This is not aggression-  just the fact that he loves everybody!

Jasper is a really sweet character and great fun with his antics.s very funny with his antics. There is never a dull moment with Jasper in the house.

UPDATE 24/2/10

The great news is that we’ve now found a terrific foster home for Jasper. A big thank you to Claire who reports that he is settling in pretty well after his very long stint in kennels.

Claire is going to be doing some work with him regarding chasing cars and pulling on the lead - and hopefully will be able to take some new pix for us too, so we will update again soon.

UPDATE 29/11/09

Jasper’s situation is now urgent because of a change in family circumstances so if you’re tempted by this boy, please get in touch!

ADDED 18/9/09

s a young, gorgeous and lively springer/collie x  who was born here in the UK shortly after his floosy mum JUNO arrived from Ireland last year - one of a rather unexpected delivery of nine.  He was born on October 3rd 2008 (so he’s just coming up to a year old).

Jasper’s current home is VERY reluctantly giving him up because of a change in circumstances and also because he’s a bright,  lively, active boy who needs a little more than they can offer him at the moment. Jasper loves everyone and is always up for an adventure.  He’s great with dogs and fine with cats (although a little over-enthusiastic at times...).  He settles  well in the house once he’s  had a good walk, is house-trained and crate-trrained.

Jasper’s worst failing is that he chases cars - indeed, he has had one extremely lucky escape after a lead broke and this will need work.  His recall is patchy (easily distracted...), he pulls on a lead, can be barky in the car, still chews, and can be a little stubborn. But these are all things that can be ironed out with a little time and commitment. So this totally lovable, occasionally-hooligan youngster is looking for a home with firm boundaries that will relish the challenge of channeling a super-bright boy. He needs to be in a home that likes to “do” things with their dogs and he’d make a wonderful obedience/agility dog. He might also benefit from a home with an older dog that can help teach him the ropes.

Jasper is fully vaccinated, neutered, and is currently being fostered in Suffolk. If you are interested in him,  please email info@blackretrieverx.co.uk

There is a adoption fee of  £125 for Jasper.

(updated 25/7/10)

Above: Jasper as he is today and, below, Jasper’s life in pictures!

Below: Jasper with his littermates and,  bottom, his beautiful mum Juno from whom he inherits his fantastic temperament.